Privacy Policy

1. General

The following Privacy Policy sets forth the Privacy Policy for the Specialised Lifting Service (SLS) Equipment Management System, known as SEMS. Specialised Lifting Service is committed to providing the best possible customer service experience and therefore sets out a number of principles concerning the privacy of clients and individuals using the "online System". From time to time without prior notice, Specialised Lifting Service may modify the Privacy Policy and subsequent use of the online System will imply the User's consent to those amendments. This Privacy Policy shall be read in conjunction with the Disclaimer and User Agreement.

2. Collection of Private information

For access to certain System features the User is required to provide private corporate information. This may include but not limited to entity information, contact person details, owned/used lifting equipment items, and inspection dates. From time to time Specialised Lifting Service or its delegated authority may contact the User to verify the User's personal details recorded on the online System, to ensure its accuracy and being up to date. Failure of the User to promptly assist Specialised Lifting Service may impact or impair the quality of information on record.

3. Use of Private information

Specialised Lifting Service may use private corporate information in order to deliver the best customer service by setting up a personalised User account and liaising with the client. However, if the User ever wishes to cease communication and notifications from SLS, the User shall notify SLS.

The online System uses "cookies" and automatically registers some non-identifiable information including User access details, operating system, Internet Protocol address (IP address), and the content accessed on the online System. This is for administration purposes and used to enhance the System. Additionally, by electing to become an authorised User of the online System, the User consents personal/corporate information being used for direct marketing by Specialised Lifting Service, unless the User notifies SLS in writing or other approved method to be removed from direct marketing.

4. Access of Private information

Specialised Lifting Service administers and updates data on User accounts. SLS does not warrant completeness, accuracy, reliability or usefulness of information therefore the User shall contact SLS to amend information so as to ensure correctness of information.

5. Disclosure of Private information

Specialised Lifting Service in special circumstances may be required to disclose private client information to third parties for the purposes such as: a) to provide services to clients; b) for research, marketing, maintenance or System improvement; c) to provide technical support to clients; or d) if permitted or required by law.

The User must immediately discontinue usage of the online System if a) the User disagrees with any section or statement in this Privacy Policy, or b) the User is concerned with the privacy and confidentiality of corporate information disclosed to and used by SLS.

6. Limitation and exclusion of warranties and Liability

Specialised Lifting Service will take all reasonable and practicable steps to ensure that client information is appropriately protected from misuse or loss, and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. SLS endeavours to ensure that material on the online System is kept private and confidential, however due to the nature and risk of technology advances some platforms and websites are not operated or controlled by SLS, hence SLS has limited ability to protect personal information.